Graduate Application Mentorship Program (GAMP)

Applying to a graduate program is a huge amount of work and can be challenging to navigate. The School of Oceanography acknowledges that these obstacles frequently make it more difficult for underrepresented students and/or students without resources and guidance to succeed at the application process. Both the students and the administration at the School of Oceanography are committed to increasing the diversity and representation of students at our school. The Graduate Application Mentorship Program (GAMP) was created to connect prospective students with current graduate students to help demystify the graduate application process and provide tips and guidance for submitting an application. Anyone looking to apply to the University of Washington School of Oceanography and current UW Oceanography undergraduate looking to apply here or elsewhere are encouraged to apply. Special consideration will be given to underrepresented students which includes (but is not limited to):

  • applicants who are the first in their family to apply to graduate school
  • members of groups underrepresented in ocean sciences and engineering
  • applicants with financial hardship
  • non-traditional students returning to school after working full-time or switching careers


About Us

GAMP is a group of graduate students volunteers at the University of Washington School of Oceanography. We come from a wide range of different backgrounds and represent all four disciplines (biological, chemical, physical, geology and geophysics). We are not directly involved in the application process, but want to share our insight as current graduate students to those trying to navigate the application process for the first time.


*** This page is in development, come back soon for more information about how to apply!***


Important Dates

  • August 2nd                 Mentee enrollment opens
  • October 4th                Mentee enrollment closes
  • October 8th                Matching decisions reported 
  • October 11th              Program start date 
  • December 1st            School of Oceanography application deadline 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How to apply to be a mentee

To sign up as a mentee in this program, click on this link (coming soon!), and fill out our survey before October 4th, 2021. The survey consists of 4 sections asking for your contact information and short questions about your familiarity with the graduate application process. The survey should take you about 10 minutes to complete. Depending on the number of mentees that apply we may not be able to match everyone with a mentor. While we will do our best to match every applicant, we may have to prioritize applicants less familiar with the application process. Everyone will hear back if they were matched with a graduate volunteer by this date.

  • What to expect from your mentor

Once you are matched with a mentor, your mentor will reach out to set up an initial meeting. Between October and December your mentor will make themselves available for a handful of informal zoom meetings. This is not an opportunity to line edit your application materials, but generally discuss your application package and helpful tricks about navigating the application process.

  • Enrollment will not affect your application!

Enrollment in GAMP will not be included as part of your application package. Graduate student volunteers are not involved in the admission process in any way and are solely providing personal advice and support about the general application process. Conversations you have with your mentor will not be reported to the School of Oceanography admissions committee.

  • Useful resources to check out before GAMP starts

GAMP is not an active resource for prospective students outside the window of October 8th - December 1st. For additional resources outside of this window check out the Oceanography webpage for prospective students (link). We also recommend starting to contact potential advisors before GAMP opens. For advice and email templates for contacting potential advisors, check out this page.



Contact Information 

(email coming soon!)


We want to give credit to the JP-ASK program out of MIT-WHOI whose work we built off of to implement GAMP at University of Washington!