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Graphics and Visualization

The School of Oceanography is able to offer illustration, visualization, & web services

The Center for Environmental Visualization is a talented group of data visualization specialists, graphic designers and software engineers located in the School of Oceanography at the University of Washington. Since 1996, CEV has created compelling science visualizations, dynamic web applications, and creative visual communications.

Scientific Illustration

is art in service of science. Working with scientists, CEV makes employ technical and aesthetic skills to accurately portray many Earth and Ocean processes. With the use of 3D perspective, cutaway, and exploded diagrams, CEV can represent structure and detail that allow the viewer to visually discover the inner workings of a given environment. From complex food webs, to detailed ocean observing systems, CEV’s illustrations provide artistic, clear and powerful representations for communicating both science and engineering.

Scientific Visualization

converts Earth and Ocean science data into compelling visual representations with high aesthetic and quantitative value. Through a masterful application of color theory, text layout and illustration components, CEV visualizations support narratives that explain and promote science to general and targeted audiences.

Web Development

at CEV continues to evolve as web technologies and user practices change. CEV has recently developed websites that are “responsive” to any display as audiences increasingly interact with websites on mobile platforms. This responsive design coupled with ongoing application development is at the heart of all CEV web efforts.

3D Modeling and Animations

services bring ocean engineering and science systems to life by developing 3D renderings and computer simulations of ocean systems. From beneath the seafloor, through the water column, and into the atmosphere, we create ideal 3D perspectives for representing 3D concepts to targeted audiences. Animation services provide rich opportunities to communicate temporal concepts.

Video and Presentation Services

combine and composite multimedia and motion graphics into thoughtful and persuasive stories. Audio integration provide opportunities to narrate effectively through voice and music.

GeoInformatics & GIS Services

develop and use information science infrastructure to communicate issues of geography, geosciences and related branches of engineering and provide insight into the structure and character of spatial information.