Honors 2018

Honors Convocation

On April 19, 2018 students, faculty, parents, alumni and donors all gathered over food and refreshments in the "glass wave" atrium of Ocean Sciences Building to celebrate and recognize the academic achievements of undergraduates and graduate students from the School of Oceanography.  One of the emphases of the Oceanography program is experiential learning and mentoring, and many of these awards are directly related to the innovative research being carried out by students at all levels.  We gratefully acknowledge the support of our private donors that, along with local and national foundations, provide financial assistance and recognition to these outstanding scholars.

Undergraduate Awards

Lowell K. and Alice M. Barger Scholarship
Andrea G. Reister Scholarship
L. M. Backus Jr. Scholarship
Rita A. Colwell Scholarship for Women in Oceanography
Egtvedt Endowed Scholarship in Oceanography
Karl H. and Ruth Ellerbeck Endowed Scholarship
Johnson/Porath Endowed Oceanography Scholarship
School of Oceanography Undergraduate Scholarship
College of the Environment Scholarship: Nancy Wilcock Scholarship
College of the Environment: Clarence H. Campbell Endowed Lauren Donaldson Scholarship
University of Washington: Mary Gates Research Scholarship

Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships

Egtvedt Endowed Scholarship in Oceanography
Mexican International Fellowship
UW Graduate School Achievement Rewards for College Scientists
UW Graduate School Top Scholar
National Science Foundation Fellowship
National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

School of Oceanography Graduate Student Awards

McManus Excellence in Teaching Award
Mary Landsteiner Scholar Award

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