Jody W. Deming

            Phone: (206) 543-0845
            E-mail: jdeming AT
            Address: School of Oceanography
            Campus Mailbox: 357940
            University of Washington
            Seattle WA 98185
            Office: 370 MSB (map)

Postdoctoral Associates

  • Gordon "Max" Showalter Building a viral ecology model for cryopeg brines. 
  • Josephine Rapp Working with Jody Deming and the Geneflow collaboration towards thorough bioinformatics analyses on transcriptomes and metagenomes from cryopeg and sea ice brines from Utqiagvik, AK, fieldwork. (jzrapp AT
  • Marcela Ewert Working on publishing some unpublished extracellular enzyme data from Yves-Alain Vetter's thesis. "Substrate binding strength and specificity of freely-released extracellular enzymes from marine bacterial isolates". (mewerts AT

Current Graduate Students

  • Zachary Cooper Studies microbial ecology and evolution in sea ice and cryopeg brines using community, population, and bacterial-isolate genomics. Zac is a part of the Dual-Title PhD in Oceanography and Astrobiology with research focused on understanding life in Earth's analog environments for icy worlds in the Solar System. He earned his Master's degree in December of 2018 and passed his general exam in March of 2020 (zcooper AT 

UW Astrobiology Rotation Students/Visiting Students

Current Undergraduate and High School Students

Current Work/Study Students

  • Kai Teiwaz  Spring 2020.  Working on bacterial abundances for our Ocean Memory RV Rachel Carson samples. (Xteiwaz AT

Current Research Staff

Former Lab Members