MS Defense (S Rundell) Biolunch Seminar, 25 May 2021

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Master's Defense/Biological Oceanography Lunch Seminar: Susan Rundell
Characterization of springtime sea-ice primary production in the western Antarctic peninsula

11:30 A.M., via Zoom

Committee chair: Jodi Young

ABSTRACT: The Western Antarctic Peninsula is one of the most productive regions of the Southern Ocean, and among the fastest warming locations in the world’s oceans. Sea-ice algae are foundational to this rich ecosystem, providing a vital food source to keystone species and helping to shape the region’s biogeochemistry. Nevertheless, few measurements of primary production in sea-ice algae from the Peninsula have ever been published, reflecting a larger dearth in productivity measurements for sea ice globally. In this seminar, I will discuss sea-ice primary production data collected on a cruise to the Western Antarctic Peninsula during the austral spring of 2019. I will present rate measurements that describe the gross and net carbon fixation, and gross oxygen production, of these understudied communities. Understanding the relative rates of photosynthesis and respiration—and the potential decoupling of oxygen evolution and carbon fixation—offer insights into the scope of sea-ice productivity in this region, the photosynthetic strategies employed by these extremophiles, and the challenges facing the development of new, oxygen-based primary production methods.

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