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Click CTD to Download Sampling Procedures

Click CTD to Download Sampling Procedures

NOTE: At the request of the Dean's office, please note new rates below.  Effective 1Feb2022

The Marine Chemistry Laboratory at the School of Oceanography provides marine and freshwater analytical services to the University and oceanographic communities. We are an accredited laboratory with the State of Washington. The lab specializes in the analyses of nutrients, total N and total P, salinity, chlorophyll, oxygen, DOC in aqueous samples, and OC in particulate samples.

Rates and other analyses are listed below:                                                                                                        





Analyses are run on a Guildline Autosal 8400B - Calibration is with IAPSO Standard Seawater



Analyses are run using the Carpenter (modified Winkler) with a Metrohm 765 Dosimat buret


Nutrients (phosphate, silicate, nitrate, nitrite, & ammonia)

Analyses and calibration follow the protocols of the WOCE Hydrographic Program using a Seal Analytical AA3


Chlorophyll a and phaeopigments

Analysis is acetone extraction and fluorometric detection on a Turner Designs TD-700 fluorometer


Dissolved Organic Carbon (aqueous samples)

Analysis is with a Shimadzu TOC-Vcsh DOC analyzer


Total Organic Carbon, Nitrogen, and Hydrogen (solid samples)

Analysis is by Exeter Analytical CE-440 CHN analyzer


Oceanography chemical analyses price list:

Labor rate: $88/hr.

Nutrients: (PO4, Si(OH)4, NO3, NO2, NH4) all ions included in base price

$21.00 each

$30.32 each if dilution required

Syringe filters for samples: Market Cost

Total N&P


$20.86 ea.


Chlorophyll a

$21.20 each

Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC)

Filtered liquid sample $26.40 each

C clean filters Market Cost

C clean sample vial Market Cost

Particulate Carbon and Nitrogen (CHN)

On 25 mm filters $49.23 each

Sediment samples: $57.56 each

Prepped samples: $13.20 ea.

C clean filters: Market Cost


$21.61 each


$18.95 each



Oxygen titrations

$22.98 each

1L suite of the six oxygen reagents: $506.00 (Will be Market Cost)

Important notes:

  • Add 15.6% to the total cost for any work done not charged to a UW budget.
  • Supplies are not always available on short notice, so plan ahead and give them at least one full week's notice when requesting supplies or reagents.
  • Logsheets must be provided with the samples. They should include budget numbers, sample identification numbers, sampling locations, filtration volumes (where appropriate), and whether the sample contains fresh or marine water.
  • Business is very good in the lab, so short turnaround time for sample analyses must be discussed with Kathy or Aaron ahead of time.
  • Clients will be charged for any shipping costs associated with supplies and coolers
  • We will not accept or process any samples fixed with HgCl, Azide, or radioisotopes of any kind!
  • C14  labelled samples are not allowed in the building, no exceptions.


Accreditation Codes and Detection Limits

Analysis Method References EPA/SM# NELAC Code MDLs
PO4 UNESCO(1994) EPA 365.5_1.4_1997 WM920270 0.014uM, 0.0004mg/L
SiOH4 UNESCO(1994) EPA 366 WM920240 0.23uM, 0.0063mg/L
NO3 UNESCO(1994) EPA 353.4_2_199 10068209 0.288uM, 0.0040mg/L
NO2 UNESCO(1994) EPA 353.4_2_1997 10068209 0.011uM, 0.0002mg/L
NH4 UNESCO(1994) EPA 349 WM920220 0.047uM, 0.0007mg/L
Total N Valderrama(1981) SM 4500-P J WM920270 0.68uM, 0.0095mg/L
Total P Valderrama(1981) SM 4500-P J WM920270 0.014uM, 0.0004mg/L
Salinity UNESCO(1994) SM 2520 B-93 20040055 0.002PSU
Ckhlorophyll_a UNESCO(1994) EPA 445 WM100080 0.02ug/L
DOC UNESCO(1994) SM 5310 B-00 20137819 100ug/L
POC UNESCO(1994) EPA 440.0 10081206 10ug
PN UNESCO(1994) EPA 440.0 10081206 1ug
Dissolved O2 UNESCO(1994) EPA 360.2 50001600 0.5uM kg-1

UNESCO (1994). Protocols for the joint global ocean flux study (JGOFS) core measurements. Vol. 29.
Valderrama (1981). The simultaneous analysis of total nitrogen and total phosphorus on natural waters. Mar.Chem (10), 109-122.

Please contact Aaron Morello (aaronm [at] uw [dot] edu) PRIOR to sampling to discuss your project/sampling/shipping plans, and turnaround time.  This is especially important now as we no longer have an FTE employee in the lab!!

Shipping Address:
Aaron Morello
1492 NE Boat St.
Ocean Sci Bldg Rm 346
Seattle, WA 98105

Phone: 206-543-9235

Financial Particulars:
IRS/TaxID/Entity Number: 91-6001537
Cage Code: 0MCA1 (first character is a zero)
DUNS Number: 605799469

Make payments to: University of Washington

Mail payments to:
University of Washington
Invoice Receivables
PO Box 94224
Seattle, WA 98124


Click CTD to Download Sampling Procedures

Click CTD to Download Sampling Procedures