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Ocean "Bingo" Challenge

Ocean "Bingo" is not bingo as you know it -- this is a new challenge game about getting our community to actively participate in caring for each other and staying connected. Did I mention there are prizes? If you complete 4 activities each week for 3 weeks (no need for these to be consecutive) you earn your first prize.  Do it again and you earn your second prize.  Third time you earn a grand prize!

This challenge is open to UW School of Oceanography community members past, present, and future!

On the Friday of each week complete this form to log the activities you completed that week toward earning your prize!!  Curious about what activities you need to perform in order to get a prize, click here!

The fine print:
*Activities completed prior to July 6th cannot be used.

*Optional: Share photos or you doing the activities, and or additional acitvity suggestions on the Ocean "Bingo" slack channel to show your friends, or send them to to be posted on the website (photos and ideas posted on the slack will not be posted to the website without permission). 

Level 1 Prize

(must complete 4 activities each week for 3 weeks):

Level 2 Prize

(must complete 4 activities each week for 3 weeks):