Ocean Currents 10/18/22

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The R/V Thomas G Thompson Returns to our dock

After months away from home, the Tommy Thompson will return to its UW dock on Friday, Oct 21, in the late morning. After a brief stay of less than one week, the ship will move to the Lake Union Drydock for some maintainence prior to going back to sea around the holidays. 

Next Banse Seminar: Oct 26, Caitlin Whalen (UW APL)

The next seminar will be given by UW's own Caitlin Whalen (Affiliate Assistant Professor of Oceanography): “How small-scale density fronts are shaped by their environment throughout the global ocean,” October 26 from 3:30-5pm in OSB 425 and by Zoom). Full details can be found on the Events calendar on the School's website.

Congratulations to our Oceanography Teaching Award winners

This year at convocation we had the privilege of gathering the last three winners of our Teacher of the Year award! Congratulations to Susan Hautala (2020), Randie Bundy (2022), and Mikelle Nuwer (2021). Congratulations also to Mikelle for her trifecta of awards: UW Distinguished teacher, Oceanography teacher of the year, and Oceanography's DEI Community award winner.

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