Ocean Currents 10/20/20

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Ocean Currents is a weekly bulletin of news and upcoming events for the UW School of Oceanography. If you have news or stories to contribute, please contact Su Tipple.

News from the Director

This week a quick congratulations to two amazing educators and scientists, Katy Christensen and Theresa Whorley. They are this year's winners of the Dean A. and Tomylynn Willits McManus Excellence in Teaching Award.  The award was announced a couple weeks ago at Convocation, and is one of the highest honors awarded by our school. 

Of Theresa, one nomination read, "Theresa gave us every chance to ask every curiosity and question we had about anything relating to the subject matter. She was able to herd us back on topic no matter where our minds wandered, but in a way where she’d encourage and use our wondering to teach us more about what were doing. She was extremely approachable, kind, and knowledgeable. She was able to bring the class to life in so many ways!"  Thank you and congratulations, Theresa.  

Katy was also excellent in her teaching, as was noted by one nomination which read in part, "She literally never made a single mistake, she knew the material like the back of her hand, she was incredibly approachable and helpful, and she managed to balance every single student’s questions. Above all though, her incredible enthusiasm was infectious and inspiring. Absolutely one of the best TA’s I’ve ever had."  Thank you and congratulations, Katy.

Opening Our Buildings:

A hearty thanks to everyone who chimed in with thoughts on opening our physical spaces a little more. After reading your suggestions and concerns, and speaking with a UW resident epidemiologist, the School will proceed as follows: Each floor or space will be allowed one more person per day, to be managed by the PIs sharing the floor. Full Social Distancing and HallPass requirements stay in effect, and the additional person will be allowed in when their on-site work enhances the research productivity of the PIs' research groups. Emphasis will be on allowing more graduate students and postdocs to come in to work in the lab. Undergaduate researchers will be welcomed to work but only within the space constraints of each floor, and only with the support of an individual PI or faculty member. Undergraduates will continue to obtain their HallPasses via their supervisor. Multiple persons in the same space will remain something that is allowed only on a case-by-case basis. Those who seek to visit the School for their emotional wellbeing will continue to be allowed and encouraged when there is "space" in the floor plan on an ad hoc basis.

Afloat Challenge

The new Afloat challenge is a Halloween challenge. Show us your best pumpkin, or one you saw during your socially distanced walks. Winner receives a gourd-geous gourd-based ukulele that I am finishing up right now.  Trust me, it will put the monster in your mash. Post your workspace pictures to Instagram and tag #UWOceanography, or email your submissions to webteam@ocean.washington.edu

Just a reminder to follow the SoO Instagram site, and to join our Slack community.

Work/Life Balance:

This week we congratulate Eric Lundquist and his fellow owner/brewers at Burke Gilman Brewing for their double-win in the national beer festival IPA category. Burke Gilman Brewing won top honors as brewer of this year's premiere drinkable IPA. The Alpha King Challenge is a competition sponsored by Yakima Chief Hops and Three Floyds Brewing to determine the most well-balanced and drinkable hop-forward beer in America. It is a highly, highly coveted award. In the 22-year history of the award, this is only the second time a Washington brewery has earned the title Alpha King. Congratulations, Eric! To quote blogger Kendall Jones, "Burke-Gilman Brewing also won a GABF gold medal this year. The beer that won the Alpha King award was not the same beer for which the brewery won the GABF gold medal. The Alpha King winner was Hopotheosis, a 7.1 percent ABV New England IPA. The beer that won the GABF gold medal was The Hopsplainer, a hazy Imperial IPA. To be clear, they won two of the most esteemed “hoppy beer awards” for two different beers. Impressive." Stay tuned to the Afloat challenges, as Eric has donated two cans of his award winning brew to a future Afloat Challenge winner.

Each week we highlight some of the personal accomplishments submitted by your fellow oceanographers. If you'd like to be highlighted for a personal accomplishment, please email Michelle Townsend at mtown@uw.edu.

Race Talk

The third meeting of Race Talk will be on Monday, November 2, at 11:30 a.m. For this meeting we will be reading from a list of articles around the topic of actionable anti-racist items for academic spaces, including recognizing white supremacy in academia and building an anti-racist lab. Please sign up for an article at this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/155vuV7zRqy3MWKHvCo5xiiIXV6b6nSe0_xKltl2fKY4/edit?usp=sharing

If you haven’t joined us before, you can still join us for the remainder of the fall quarter if you are interested. Please register here:

Need Help?

As we adjust to a difficult new normal, how to help ourselves and others can be unclear. Here’s a resource provided by the UW that may be of help: Working during COVID-19/Caring for self and family/Self care.

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