Ocean Currents 11/10/20

Ocean Currents Main Image from Earth Wind Map

Ocean Currents is a weekly bulletin of news and upcoming events for the UW School of Oceanography. If you have news or stories to contribute, please contact Su Tipple.

Reminder that the Banse seminar this week is on Friday

News from the School Leadership

The School is planning for Community Days events this year since we cannot have a holiday party in person. Stay tuned for the big announcement and thanks to the planning committee: Michelle, Helena, Randie, Tansy, Jaqui, Colleen, Katie, Leland, Lauren, Jen, Erik, Shawn, and Hunter. 

At the urging of Ethan and Jodi and others, the School will host a viewing of the acclaimed documentary "Picture a Scientist" in the coming weeks. Details are being worked out and you will receive an invitation as soon as the screening and discussion dates are set. Thank you to Ethan for bringing this up.

Sad news this week. Long time Oceanography community member Floyd McCroskey has passed away at the age of 77. Floyd worked in our school for many years as a staff scientist and all around general technician. Those who remember Floyd knew him as an immemsely kind and warm-hearted person. Thank you, Floyd, for your time with us.


Congratulations to Angie Boysen on being awarded a Simons Postdoctoral Fellowship in Marine Microbial Ecology to study the Metabolic and ecological consequences of organic nitrogen uptake by picocyanobacteria in the lab of Jacob Waldbauer at the University of Chicago.

Race Talks

The fourth meeting of Race Talk will be on Monday, November 16, at 11:30 a.m. We will discuss "Successful STEM Mentoring Initiatives for Underrepresented Students" by Becky Wai-Ling Packard, which is available from the UW library as an ebook. We will focus primarily on Chapters 1, 4, and 6, although participants are welcome to read the whole book. 

If you haven’t yet, you can still join us for the remainder of the fall quarter if you are interested. Please register here

Afloat: Work/Life Balance

Congratulations to alumn Caiti Guerin who was the winner of the Halloween Afloat challenge. She wins the gourd ukulele. 

Next up: Show us your WORKSPACE 2.0  - we have been improving our work spaces, so show us yours. Winner gets two cans of the National Alpha King AWARD WINNING HYPOTHESIS IPA from Burke Gilman Brewing. This New England-style IPA is easy on the tongue and was donated by Eric Lundquist. Thank you. Eric. Send your entries to webteam@ocean.washington.edu or simply tag @UWOceanography on Instagram.

Each week we highlight some of the personal accomplishments submitted by your fellow oceanographers. This week we are congratulating Regina Lionheart (undergraduate alumni and staff) on successfully hiking the Enchantments. Congratulations, Regina!! If you'd like to be highlighted for a personal accomplishment, please email Michelle Townsend at mtown@uw.edu.

Need Help?

As we adjust to a difficult new normal, how to help ourselves and others can be unclear. Here’s a resource provided by the UW that may be of help: Working during COVID-19/Caring for self and family/Self care.

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