Ocean Currents 1/12/22

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Stay Safe

As you may have heard through the grapevine, our School was burglarized over the weekend and many thousands of dollars worth of tools were stolen from the machine shop. We are aggressively working to shore up security of that building, and others. The theft stings and feels like a violation. The UW as a whole has been hit hard by a string of recent thefts. So, just a reminder that if you see something suspicious, report it (call 911 to reach UW Police). Do not intervene on your own—stay safe—but be vigilant.  

You are also acutely aware of the omicron variant and the impact it is having nationwide. I (Rick) feel like our School has handled the waves well, so you hardly need a reminder, but here it is anyway. Stay home if you feel ill, help each other out, don't feel pressured to attend in-person events right now, and as always—communicate with your instructors and supervisors about your situation. We are all in this together.

From the student cruise...

In the photo, undergraduates Naomi and Alex work with Kathy Newell on a plankton net, somewhere in the Pacific (12/26/21).

Download the draft DEI Plan

Please download the draft DEI plan for our School. This quarter the DEI committee will host open meetings to gather feedback and make needed changes to the draft document (dates being finalized now). If you have comments that you'd like to share prior to the open meetings, please email the chair of the DEI Committee, Mikelle Nuwer, or send an anonymous email to the director instructing that the comments be forwarded to the committee.  The open meeting schedule will be announced next week.

And something light...

Did you hear about the huge shipment of spices that was recently lost at sea? It was a huge waste of thyme :-)  

Why do seagulls fly over the ocean? Because if they flew over a bay they'd be bagels.  :-)


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