Ocean Currents 11/23/21

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New Faculty opening in Marine Geology & Geophysics

The job announcement for a tenure-track position in the School is now live! Check out the web page describing the open position, and spread the word widely. We are hoping for a broad pool of applicants and look forward to welcoming a new member to our faculty. The School of Oceanography seeks applications for a full time, 9-month faculty position at the level of tenure-track Assistant Professor in the broad field of active geological processes on continental margins. The successful applicant will be expected to expand the School’s research and teaching efforts in marine geology and geophysics, contributing to an improved understanding of tectonic, sedimentary, and geochemical cycles between the Earth’s oceans, lithosphere, and deep interior. Research and teaching could fall within a wide range of areas, including but not limited to geophysical imaging, earthquake seismology, marine geodesy, sedimentology, stratigraphy, geomorphology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, subduction zone modeling, and geohazards. We welcome the full range of approaches, from field observations and data analysis to laboratory or numerical simulations and theoretical modeling.

Holiday Party Unravled/First Friday - Dec 3rd

Whatever holidays you celebrate this season, the School welcomes you and your family to our Holiday Party, which will be FRIDAY December 3rd from 4:30 to 6pm in the MSB lobby and deck. The Party Planning Committee has reached out to the First Year students to co-plan a fun First Friday Holiday Party that will be welcoming to all. We will have family options with non-alcoholic beverages, ginger bread houses to decorate and please wear your favorite holiday sweater!!!

Remember to bring your vaccination card to all events. Family (5 years and over) must also show proof of vaccination to attend any on-campus event including our party.

Thank you GAMP Volunteers

The Graduate Application Mentorship Program (GAMP) is a group of graduate student volunteers at the University of Washington School of Oceanography. The volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds and represent all four oceanographic disciplines (biological, chemical, physical, geology and geophysics). GAMP volunteers share their insight as current graduate students with those trying to navigate the application process for the first time.

A super loud shout-out and thank you to all our graduate student volunteers. During this, the first year, we have 32 volunteer mentors! They are Ethan Campbell, Rita Aylward, Rosalind Echols, Hannah Dawson, Erik Fredrickson, Zhihua Zheng, Amy Wyeth, Natalie Kellogg, Haila Schultz, Evan Lahr, Laura Crews, Joshua Sacks, Jade Sauve, Taylor Walton, Georges Kanaan, Maleen Kidiwela, Michael Sadler, Elaina Thomas, Sarah Ragen, Cassia Cai, Zoe Krauss, Noah Rosenberg, Kitty Wang, Treasure Warren, Kaitlin Harrison, Rachel M Liu, Mary Margaret Stoll, Nina Buzby, Will Kumler, Katy Christensen, Zinka Bartolek, and Samuel Brenner.

Students: are you rocking the new bucket hat?

So nice we kept the picture in OC twice! Nina and Cassia are sporting the new School bucket hat.  Undergraduate oceanography majors, the time is now to head on over to Michelle's office and pick one up (priority to all students between now and Dec 3rd).  As a show of appreciation for hanging in there during the pandemic, these limited edition hats are being made available to community members within the School. These organic cotton twill hats are available in blue with white logo and in white with blue embroidery.   

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