Ocean Currents 2/22/23

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Senior thesis blog now live...  

Fifteen of our undergaduate seniors are sailing aboard the Thompson for their senior research. The trip starts Thursday the 23rd and sails from Hawaii to Fiji, crossing both the equator and the international date line. The blog is now live, so please follow along. Each day one or two new blog posts will be created and shared.

NEXT WEEK Graduate Student Open House, March 2-3

Graduate Student recruitment will be March 2-3. This year we are sharing our First Friday social event with our friends in ESS. Here is the information about all the events.

Open House Schedule


  • 10:00 Orientation (Michelle) MSB 123 (location change)
  • 11:00 Campus Resources/ARGO Intro/PCC (graduate students) MSB 123
  • 12:00 Meet Grad Students for lunch (graduate students, Michelle and Su) MSB 123
  • 2:00 Lighting Talks (graduate students/faculty) MSB 123
  • 4:00 Carson Tour (Robert and Carson crew) Dock
  • 6:00 Faculty Dinner [6-8 people in size] (recruiting faculty) Meet in OSB lobby


  • 9:00 Faculty individual meetings with applicants (recruiting faculty) Faculty offices
  • 12:30 All-school (CO) Seminar; box lunches for applicants (Crusius, Michelle and Su) OSB 425
  • 2:00 Lab tours (faculty) Meet in OSB Lobby
  • 4:30 First Friday with ESS (graduate Students in OCEAN and ESS) MSB Lobby and Deck

We STILL NEED volunteers

  1. One more graduate student to help Zoe: gather grad students for lunch on Thursday and pick up food from the main office to bring to MSB 123.  
  2. One-two graduate students for Campus Resource presentation - Topics can include GSEE, SACNAS, PCC, ARGO, FHL 
  3. One-two graduate students to organize the Lightning Talks. Topics have included:
  • Polar Research, Gio Kanaan will speak on this
  • Carbon, Nutrient and Oxygen Cycles
  • Puget Sound/Local Research
  • Ocean Tech
  • Climate and Ocean Modeling

Please reach out to Michelle Townsend immediately. 

Faculty Leads

  • BIO O: Gabrielle Rocap
  • CHEM O: Mark Warner
  • MGG: Kendall Valentine
  • PHYS O: Alison Gray

*Their job during recruitment is to schedule Thursday night dinners (paid for by recruiting faculty) and to schedule individual meetings with faculty and lab tours on Friday.

Mentoring Evaluation Form Now Available

The long-awaited mentoring evaluation form is now live. This is a way for our graduate students, undergraduates, and postdoctoral associates to help the School understand its strengths and weaknesses in the area of scientific mentoring. Mentoring is distinctly different from teaching (e.g., leading a course), and while teaching is thoroughly evaluated, mentoring has not been evaluated previously. So, from now on when your mentor excels or falls short of expectations, use the new form. You can read more about it by visting the mentorship webpage

OSB 425 Upgrades  

The old computer in OSB 425 is being eliminated. We are also getting a new projector and intend to replace all the School's projectors this spring and summer. Changes will begin during spring break, March 20-24. Beginning Spring Quarter, instructors and presenters using OSB 425 must bring their own computer to interface with the new projector.


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