Ocean Currents 2/23/21

Ocean Currents Main Image from Earth Wind Map

Ocean Currents is a weekly bulletin of news and upcoming events for the UW School of Oceanography. If you have news or stories to contribute, please contact Su Tipple.

The School has added a new field to the HallPass system, a checkbox to note if you have been vaccinated against Covid19. This information is voluntary and will help us decide how and when to fully reopen School buildings.  

Graduate Student Recruitment

The School is proud to announce that this year we have offered admission to 26 students. Included in this group are two African Americans, three LatinX, and three Asian American persons. This is the most diverse group that we have made offers to in more than two decades. Thank you to the DEI committee for thir work revaamping our application process, and to all the faculty, staff, and students who have participated in the recruitment process thus far.  

We are looking forward to our virtual vist days, which will occur Thursday and Friday, March 4-5, via a series of Zoom events. The committee organizing open house this year is Kitty Wang, Maleen Kidiwala, Mary Margaret Stoll, Ryan Groussman, Michelle Townsend, and Evelyn Lessard. The School is setting up a series of synchronous and asynchronous events for open house. The website will go live soon, so stay tuned.


...to Dr. Jodi Young on her being awarded a Sloan Fellowship!

Race Talk

If you want to join Race Talk this quarter, we'd still love to have you! As usual, we are meeting every other Monday; the next Race Talk will be 8 March at 11 a.m. You can register at this link and you can sign up for a book to read this quarter that sounds interesting to you. Most of the groups set up a reading calendar so you should be able to jump right in. As a reminder, all of these books are available from the UW Library.

Afloat: Work/Life Balance

Our last (?) Afloat challenge is to share your art—either your favorite pieces or something you've made yourself. Email these pieces of art to mtown@uw.edu or post them on Instagram and tag @uwoceanography or #uwoceanography. One random individual from all the entries will win a nifty little piece of art! It's gonna be super cute, so submit your entry today!

Need Help?

As we adjust to a difficult new normal, how to help ourselves and others can be unclear. Here’s a resource provided by the UW that may be of help: Working during COVID-19/Caring for self and family/Self care.

Per Governor Inslee's press conference, a list of new COVID restrictions can be found here
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