Ocean Currents 3/6/20

Hello Oceanography Community,

This is your Friday late-morning, March 6th update on Oceanography operations.  The School is open today.  We intend to be open next week unless the university shuts down.  Each of you needs to assess your own level of risk based on your health, your family's health, your need to care for children & elderly relatives, and many other factors or concerns.  The information is changing rapidly, and I realize this is very stressful.  Please make the call for yourself and the School will try to make the accommodation. Please communicate with your supervisors and instructors.  Communication is key.

Today:  First Friday will still occur.  Please make the call individually about attending or not.

Beginning Monday: the UW will not sanction any gatherings of 10 or more individuals.  Classes will be held remotely or canceled.  Plan accordingly.

Work from home:  If you intend to ask your supervisor about this, please develop a 3-day and 2-week plan to kick-start discussions with that person.  This is new territory for many of us.  The more we collectively think about how we can be successful oceanographers while in some sort of temporary isolation or quarantine, the better we will be as a community.

As always, be nice to one another.  Reach out to your supervisor, Kittie, or me with questions and we will try to answer as quickly as we can.

This is the UW main link to updates:  http://uw.edu/coronavirus


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