Ocean Currents 5/10/22

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This week: Meet Hannah Mark 

The next candidate for our vacancy in Active Margins is Hannah Mark. Hannah is a marine geophysicist and postdoctoral investigator at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution where she is applying her skills as a geodynamic modeler (she is also an observationalist). She will give her research seminar, entitled

"From the surface to the mantle, and back again: two subduction stories"

Wednesday, May 11, at 3:30 in OSB 425, with reception afterwards at 4:30. 

All are welcome. If you are unable to attend in person, you can Zoom into the seminar. A recording will also be made available later.

Hannah’s teaching demo (unrecorded) to our grad students only will take place on Thursday, May 12, at noon in MSB 123. Her chalk talk (possibly recorded for later viewing) will be that same afternoon at 3-4 pm, also in MSB 123.

If you wish to meet with Hannah one-on-one or in a small group, please contact Jody Deming as there are still some open slots on her schedule.

Grad Student Open Meeting and Luncheon

The annual spring open meeting between graduate students and administration will be held Thursday, May 26th, at noon in MSB 123. If you haven't received the email about ordering a box lunch, please contact Su Tipple for details. This meeting is also open to postdocs if you wish to attend.

Special Faculty meeting WED 10:30am: Marine Biology Hiring Process

Voting Faculty: please join by Zoom for a special short meeting to discuss the finalists for the Teaching Assistant Professor position in Marine Biology (joint hire with SAFS). This meeting will last less than half an hour and is a good opportunity to learn more about the marine biology major and its needs. Wed at 10:30am (click  - zoom link) ZOOM ONLY

New Resources Section of Website

Thanks to the Communications Committee and its chair Susan Hautala for organizing our main web page so that community resources are more easily discoverable.  A new link at the top of the page labeled "Resources" directs viewers to options associated with onboarding, conflict resolution, the code of conduct and more. This is part of our ongoing effort to infuse the School's online presence with a sense of community, and to make our website more friendly for community member use.

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