Ocean Currents 6/12/20

Hello Fellow Oceanographers,

Four things this week; congratulations to all our graduates, updates on how the school is reacting to the pandemic, graduate student-led opportunity tomorrow, and an upcoming listening session.

Congratulations to Robin, Shirley, Miguel, Max and Jake for receiving their PhDs within the past year. Congratulations to Katy, Rose, Ginevra, Brendan, and Zhihua for your recent MS degrees, and congratulations to our 27 undergraduate degree recipients; Addie, Amy, Anna, Ashley, Catherine, Corrine, Charles, Chris, Chenyu, Dana, Derya, Emmet, Ethan, Garrett, Hanis, James, Katie, Katherine, Nathaniel, Qianyu, Sam, Sarah, Shaila, Tyler, and William, Xuyang, and Yuri.  I am sorry that our virtual graduation wasn’t perfect, but it was heartfelt.   

Moving through the Pandemic: UW is prepping for further opening of research labs and has issued a series of new guidelines.  Luckily, we are already exceeding most of these new rules. PIs will be asked to help with continued compliance, so stay tuned.  The good news is that we will continue opening slowly.

Hall Pass users: you are great, but let’s clear up a couple things.  First, please try to ask a couple days before you need permission.  Last minute requests are hard!  Second, if you are coming in regularly, please settle on a schedule and request repeat permission. It is easier on the system and gives everyone else regular times to plan around to insure social distancing. Third, if you are going into multiple rooms, just make one request and list the main room as your room and add the other rooms into the description field. 

Just a reminder that the first years are organizing participation in the Seattle Children’s March tomorrow, Saturday June 13th.  Refer to Zoe’s earlier email for details, but the short of it is that you can participate by assembling at 12:30 on the northwest corner of Powell Barnett Park at 12:30 pm. 

Next week I will host a listening session for our BIPoC student and postdoc community. A separate email has been sent to all students and postdocs with details. 

The anonymous email link has been useful.  It remains open (your UWnetID is electronically scrubbed, emails come only to me, there is no way for me to know who sent it) https://www.ocean.washington.edu/directorEmail


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