Ocean Currents 6/26/20

Hello Fellow Oceanographers,

First off, absolute top-notch kudos to the Marine Operations team, Robert, Meegan, Captains Eric and Ken, and everyone who works aboard our vessels for their outstanding commitment to safety and to helping fellow oceanographers continue our research. After self-isolating for weeks, the R/V Thompson will soon return to sea, as will the R/V Carson.

Two of our faculty, Chuck Nittrouer and Charlie Eriksen, are sailing off into retirement and emeritus status. Congratulations Charlie, Chuck, and thank you for your contributions to our school. I will dedicate a missive sometime over the summer to each of them; stay tuned.

The pandemic has not gone away. We need to continue keeping each other safe and preventing our buildings and spaces from becoming vectors of the spread of the virus. Thank you to everyone who reported stray visitors to our buildings. OSB has some service personnel doing maintenance and improvements and I know they are not always following strict social distancing guidelines. I am working on that with them. Keep communicating with me on this, I appreciate it. 

The new Afloat Challenge is easy – send in pics of you wearing your mask and practicing social distancing during the warm summer months. This challenge will last two weeks and has a special surprise for the winner. Remember to tag UWOceanography on Instagram and UWOcean on Twitter or submit your photos to webteam@ocean.washington.edu.  Don't forget today's 3:30pm Trivia Session, organized by the First Years.  https://washington.zoom.us/j/4349683976

Our faculty have been working to learn about structural racism within our school.  We appreciate the letter from our graduate students respectfully demanding positive change. The DEI committee and Faculty Council are meeting regularly and forming an initial outline to move to a future free of structural racism. These two councils engage nearly half the faculty, and the full faculty will soon be participating. I will report out more over the summer. Stay tuned, as we will soon need everyone to be involved. I promise that we will not lose momentum.  Kudos to Claire, Hannah, Rosalind and all participants in the Race Talks reading and discussion group.

Please continue sending me emails with your thoughts and criticisms. If you wish, use the anonymous email tool, which scrubs out your UWnetID electronically https://www.ocean.washington.edu/directorEmail

Stay safe, keep pushing.


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