Ocean Currents 7/17/20

Hello Fellow Oceanographers,

Good job to those of you who filled out the Ocean Bingo form last week. You are now one third of the way toward winning the first-tier enamel pin. Top activities: 100% of our challenge participants wore a mask while at work or while in public places, and 80% called a friend or family member last week. If you have not participated yet, now is the time! Start on the Afloat page for this challenge and follow the link to the google form to log your activities from this week: https://www.ocean.washington.edu/story/Ocean_Bingo_Challenge

The pandemic is again raging in Seattle. Our daily confirmed cases rose to levels seen in late March (data from KingCounty.gov). For the moment, our school will pause our slow reopening and stay at current occupancy levels, which are at about 10%. It is important to remain vigilant and to continue using the Hall Pass system for your requests to come to the UW campus. If you are requesting multiple days in a week, please use the ‘repeat’ function on the form. Thank you to all who are filling out the post-visit form. That information is critical should we need to conduct contact tracing.

In memoriam of Dr. Tom Sanford. It is with great sadness that I relay the passing of professor emeritus Tom Sanford. Tom’s pioneering theory of how ocean currents interact with the earth's magnetic field enabled a truly novel way to measure seawater motion. He was a gentle mentor and armed people with the tools and support needed for great success. For more than 40 years Tom was an active member of the Ocean Physics Department at APL and of the School’s faculty. https://www.ocean.washington.edu/director

This week the faculty received a third open letter from our graduate students, this one reflecting on our graduate curriculum. Although I am not yet able to report progress regarding this letter, the faculty I have spoken with are unanimous in our agreement that this communication is welcome and will lead in a fruitful and positive direction.  

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” Albert Camus

Anonymous email: https://www.ocean.washington.edu/directorEmail


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