Ocean Currents 8/17/20

Hello fellow Oceanographers,

Congratulations Hally, Susan and Elizabeth!  Max, you are up next!  These last few days have been quite inspiring.

Improving our Culture:  Response to the survey has been adequate (~125 responses of about 350 people) but frankly I was hoping for more. If you do not participate, you lose a very important chance to have your ideas and thoughts be heard. Click right now and go fill out the survey. Bug your friends in our community – you know the ones that do not read these emails anymore – and tell them to go complete the survey. For those who think that your voice does not matter, or that we won’t do anything anyway, the best way to assure that you are right is for you to remain silent. Here is a chance for anonymous input. Don’t give up your voice. Everyone is welcome to fill out the survey. 

The culture survey will help measure how our School's collective behavior matches the overall value of being a welcoming community invested in the success of all members. Results from the survey will be used to determine changes in strategy and leadership, and to help create community goals for what we want to achieve in the coming year. Your participation will help us:

·         identify areas in which the SoO is weak and can improve,

·         create a baseline used to assess progress in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion,

·         gain an understanding of how we feel collectively about the SoO

·         gather ideas for tangible action.

Afloat:  The pandemic isn’t going away, so why not earn a pin or some chocolates? Fill out your pandemic bingo data here, do it right after filling out the culture survey! Our community is strong and resilient. You have done so many things to stay safe and help. You have given blood, protested for equality and human rights while wearing masks and practicing social distancing as best you can, volunteered at community events and you have gotten into the great outdoors in a responsible and meaningful way. Next week is the first week that people can be eligible to earn chocolates, so keep up the good work, and log your efforts! Stay safe.

Ocean Currents:  In the coming weeks as we move into fall quarter we will transition from my email format to a new weekly Ocean Currents newsletterthat will contain a list of upcoming events and important information for members of our school. Many of you old-timers will remember the days of a weekly printed Ocean Currents that Su managed and sent out. Su’s newsletter will be back! With the help of the webteam and the afloat team we hope to make this fall’s distance-learning journey a little easier on us all. 


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