Ocean Currents 9/21/22

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Congratulations, Ginger! 

Congratulations to Professor Ginger Armbrust, newly minted AGU fellow for 2022. The School is honored that AGU recognizes the outstanding achievements and contributions Ginger has made in the Ocean Sciences. Ginger earned this recognition because of her remarkable innovation and sustained scientific impact. Fewer than one-tenth of 1% of AGU members are selected to receive this honor each year.

Ginger's robust lab is the largest in the School. She and her team combine field- and lab-based studies to address basic questions about the function of marine ecosystems. Their primary tools include molecular, flow cytometry (SeaFlow) and 'big data' analytics (e.g., Simons CMAP).

On behalf of the entire School, we thank Ginger for her efforts and accomplishments, and acknowledge the amazing lab group she fosters.

A message from the GAMP organizers 

The Graduate Application Mentorship Program (GAMP) is a program run by graduate student volunteers that connects prospective students with current graduate student mentors to help demystify the graduate student application process by providing tips and guidance during the application process. The program launched just this last year, where we successfully matched 39 prospective graduate students with graduate student volunteers. Two prospective students were accepted to the School of Oceanography! 

Since wrapping up our first mentorship cycle, we spent the end of the school year soliciting feedback and ideas from the larger oceanography community while discussing ways to improve the program. We held open meetings with each option and had great conversations surrounding how the admissions process works, areas of the admission process that are changing and might need improvement, and the best ways our graduate student mentors can support and prepare their mentees. A longer summary of these conversations is linked here. We want to extend a massive thank-you to all the faculty and students who attended these meetings and we hope this is only the beginning of some important discussions!

Graduate students – Use this link to register to be a mentor in the 2022 cycle! A huge percentage of our graduate students volunteered last year and we are relying on similar numbers to keep this program running (we already have 24 mentees enrolled!!!). Engaging in this program is less than a 5-hour time commitment (including a training) over a strict two-month period and your efforts will have a large impact on a prospective student's experience. 

Again, a big THANK YOU to everyone who has engaged with this program so far.

What's all the traffic this week? 

In case you haven't noticed, or maybe you got caught in the traffic, but undergraduate students are moving into the dorms this week and weekend!  The roadway by Fritz Hedges Park is being used to stage arrivals to the dorms, so say hello to all the new Huskies.  Remember to check out all the DawgDaze events and local discounts!


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