Ocean Currents 9/22/20

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Ocean Currents is a weekly bulletin of news and upcoming events for the UW School of Oceanography.  If you have news or stories to contribute, please contact Su Tipple.


News from the Director


Speaking personally, the past week has been very hard for me and I seem to have lost my ability to rebound from dark and heavy spaces. Similar to how I initially reacted to the events in Kenosha, the loss of RBG hit me like a ton of bricks and it shades the colors I see in the world right now. If you are experiencing similar things, in your own way, I offer no magic salvation. However, I did find some of the resources on the UW's Self Care website to be useful. I encourage you to check them out. (We have added a permanent link to the end of these weekly messages). At a more local level, maybe we can offer small things that might help. In addition to the Afloat challenge, I want to remind you that if coming in to your old office, even for a couple hours in the evening, would help with your mental health, please ask. I will do my best to accomodate you. I go to UW most Wednesdays to tend to a few "in person" things (mail, etc.) and I walk the perimeter of all our buildings. It is a highlight of my week, and reminds me of better days past and still to come. Let me know if something like that would be helpful to you. I think most spaces can accomodate persons in the evening and on weekends.  —Rick


The first faculty meeting of the year is only two weeks away. We will be evaluating and approving a variety of changes to the school structure based on recommendations from the graduate student, postdoc, and undegrraduate letters. We have additional work to do regarding finances and other academic tasks, so the meeting will be a long one. I encourage attendees to eat a hearty meal beforehand.  


There are still a couple spots available on the short-term committee looking at the 2020 SoO Culture Survey data. If you are interested, we are seeking an undergraduate and one more staff member.


Don't forget the annual fall welcome celebration, Oceanography Convocation, will occur virtually this year on Thursday, October 8th, at 3:30 p.m. We will welcome our newest community members and honor recent students, staff, and faculty who have achieved major milestones or won awards. There will be a raffle and some ocean trivia, and we wil be announcing the new fall Afloat challenge. 

Afloat Challenge

There are only a few days left to the summer BINGO challenge but that is still enough time to win.  Click here now to update your social distancing data. Don't forget Erik's Back to School Bike Bingo, which has been extended to October 11 to make up for time lost due to the smoke. Join in the fun once the air clears. You can download the bingo card here.


Welcome aboard!

—to our incoming 2020/2021 Grad Student Cohort:

Michelle Dvorak who earned a B.S. in Chemistry from Seattle University. She will be studying Physical Oceanography with Dr. Armour.

Noah Rosenberg who earned a B.A. in Physics from Swarthmore College. He will be studying Physical Oceanography with Dr. Thompson.

James Stadler who earned a B.S. in Physics from Haverford College. He will be studying Physical Oceanography with Drs. Ma and Girton.

Arief Suryo who earned a B.ENGR. in Computer Science from Kebangsaan University and a M.S. in Earth System Science. He will be studying Physical Oceanography with Dr. Riser.


Race Talk

Race Talk is on hiatus until the start of the Fall Quarter. The first meeting will be on Monday, October 5, at 11:30 a.m. The theme for Fall Quarter is "Race in Academia", and we will start by reading the book "So You Want To Talk About Race" by Ijeoma Oluo. A free eBook is available through the UW Library. We welcome all participants, both new and returning. This is a good time to join if you haven't been able to yet. We especially want to note that we welcome all members of the Oceanography community, whether undergraduate, graduate, postdoc, faculty, or staff, as we all have unique perspectives and experiences.


Need Help?

As we adjust to a difficult new normal, how to help ourselves and others can be unclear. Here’s a resource provided by the UW that may be of help: ‘Working during COVID-19/Caring for self and family/Self care’.

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