Ocean Engineering

Ocean Engineering Services is a University of Washington Recharge Center that performs contract work both for customers at the University of Washington and around the world. The goal of the Ocean Engineering Services group is to provide state of the art electronics and engineering support to the faculty and the students to assist in their research. They take great pride in providing cost effective solutions to unusual problems, whether that be recommending a commercial instrument or a custom made device, some of which are listed below:

  1. A custom made instrument
  2. Engineering, electronics, computer consulting
  3. Repair of an instrument no longer supported by the manufacturer or their repair costs are unreasonable
  4. To borrow electronic test equipment (such as function generators, oscilloscopes and multimeters)
  5. To purchase electronic parts (such as batteries, electronic components and connectors)
  6. Mechanical drawing and drafting, PCB layout and design
  7. Data analysis and automatic data processing
  8. Engineering Services is located on the UW's Seattle campus in the Marine Sciences Building, rooms 45 and 37.

Contact Information:
General Inquiries: engserv@ocean.washington.edu
Engineering Technician: Randy Fabro, (206) 543-9688
Oceanographer: Tor Bjorklund, (206) 543-9688