Zoom meeting

Ocean research groups adapt to remote work

How is the Keil lab adapting?

Today the Keil lab held our lab meeting over Zoom. We're a close knit group, so it's been hard being apart for so long. It was great to check in and talk about how we're all doing. We're all healthy and hanging in, baking and going on walks to keep our spirits up while we finish up finals, download new software, and find creative ways to connect to the internet. 

How are we: staying productive?

Megan has the most creative office set up. Living in a tiny house on the Olympic Peninsula without wifi, she has to be creative. Usually when working from home she can go to the local library, but now it's closed so she has to access the wifi from her parked truck. Go Megan!

How are we: finding balance?

To stay grounded, the Keil lab has been baking and going on walks. Rick has been baking pretzels (check out the pretzel baking challenge!) and Anna has been going for long walks. 

When he's not in the lab, Garret runs a commercial diving business. He's been hard at work rebuilding a surface supply commercial diving breathing air compressor. 

But what about the Pokemon??

Pokemon go is a very important part of the Keil lab's culture. Jaqui got all of us into it over the summer, and we are now all pro Pokemon trainers. Team Blue trainers like Anna have been working from home, so Team Red trainers like Khadijah have captured our home gym, Abyssal Storm! Stay tuned to find out if Team Blue will ever recapture it or if Abyssal Storm will be lost to Team Red forever. 

TV and Movie Reccomendations:

A lab favorite is the Netflix original sketch show I Think You Should Leave. Never does a lab meeting go by without one of us quoting the always funny Tim Robinson.

Emmet reccomends She-Ra and the Princess of Power, a feminist animated adventure show. 

How is the Keil lab adapting?

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