Oceanography Minor

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The minor allows students to tailor their studies in other areas to include one of the core threads of the broad interdisciplinary field of oceanography.  Upper division requirements elective are flexible, allowing students to build a program that meets their intellectual and career goals by either sampling other aspects of the field, or specializing further.

(1) All Oceanography minors must complete the introductory course sequence Ocean 200, and Ocean 210.

(2) Students choose one thread through the interdisciplinary core by taking one of the following sequences:

Physics/coastal oceanography:  Ocean 285/286 and Ocean 320, or

Organic chemistry/marine biogeochemistry:  Ocean 295 and Ocean 330

Marine geology, geophysics and geochemistry:  ESS 210 or 211 and Ocean 310

(3) 9 credits of Ocean- prefix electives, chosen from 300- and 400-level courses