Oceanography Scholarship List

Due to the generosity of our donor community, the School of Oceanography can offer a wide range of scholarship support to undergraduates and graduate students in our degree programs.

Targeted Scholarships

Endowed Undergraduate Student Fund in Oceanography

Provides financial support for undergraduates in the School of Oceanography to engage in laboratory and field research projects in laboratories, cruises, at Friday Harbor Laboratories and other research-based field programs as well as presentation of student research at conferences. Research-related expenses may include supplies and equipment, ship time, and travel. Direct student support may also be eligible.

Leo Maddox Foundation Scholarship in Oceanography

The Leo Maddox Foundation Scholarship in Oceanography provides financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students engaged in climate-related education & research in the UW's School of Oceanography.

Lowell K. and Alice M. Barger Scholarship
A scholarship endowment established to provide assistance to financially needy undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of Oceanography. Need is determined by the UW Office of Financial Aid, and students must continue meet all eligibility criteria for renewal of this scholarship.

Andrea G. Reister Term Scholarship
This scholarship supports distinguished undergraduate students in the School of Oceanography; selection shall be based on academic merit or financial need, with preference given to those actively involved in organizations, programs or studies supporting the LGBTQ community. Andrea G. Reister studied physical oceanography at the University of Washington, receiving her B.S. degree in 1980. Highlights of her time at the UW included a research cruise on a predecessor Thomas G. Thompson, and working as a research assistant for Dr. Barbara M. Hickey. After graduating with dual degrees in oceanography and mathematics, Andrea pursued a career in engineering with the Department of the Navy and Boeing Marine Systems. Andrea entered law school in 1989 to pursue a career as a patent attorney. She is now an openly gay partner at the law firm of Covington & Burling LLP in Washington, DC. She is active in the gay community, including participation in the Gay Games, winning gold and silver medals in cycling events in the 2002 and 2006 Games. Andrea was not openly gay for many years. She established this scholarship because she has come to appreciate the importance to her of the sense of self, belonging, and connection that she derives from the GLBT community and its active supporters. For preferential consideration, students should address their qualifications for this award in their essay.

Tsaihwa Chow Endowed Fund
An endowment established to honor Thomas G. Thompson, Dr. Chow’s Ph.D. advisor. Dr. Chow’s groundbreaking work on lead isotopes with Clair Patterson of Caltech led to the recognition that anthropogenic lead production was a major and worldwide pollution problem. Befitting the impact of this work, income from this endowment will be used to support activities -- such as seminars, seed funding and student research -- at the interface between ocean sciences and human health.  To be considered, students should address their qualifications for this award in their essay.

Joe S. and Joanne T. Creager Endowment for Student Support in Geological Oceanography
An endowment stablished to support undergraduate and graduate students who are studying marine sediments.  To be considered, students should address their qualifications for this award in their essay.

L. M. Backus Jr. Scholarship
Provides support for promising seniors or graduate students.

Noel Gray Memorial Fund
Provides support for students who find themselves in special need.  To be considered, students should address their qualifications for this award in their essay.

Mildred Beaird Carpenter Fund
Provides support to student research and activities including travel.

Hal B. Williams Endowed Fund for Student Support

Provides direct financial support to students, with preference given to support of students participating on University research vessels at sea conducting field-based learning.

General Academic Scholarships 

Egtvedt Endowed Scholarship in Oceanography
Karl H. and Ruth Ellerbeck Endowed Scholarship
Johnson/Porath Endowed Oceanography Scholarship
Ocean Undergraduate Scholarship Fund
Ocean Student Fellowship





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