Oceanography Seminar Series, Spring 2021

Amanda and Keely!

Seminar series to help with the decadal review

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

This spring the Chemical Oceanography Seminar Series will be in two parts.  Every other week there will be a "Departmental 101" talk and every other week there will be a real live chemical oceanography talk.  Join us for the ones that interest you.

Fridays 1:30pm Pacific Time


  • April 2    Rick Keil, Anitra Ingalls, LuAnne Thompson & Parker MacCready "Decadal Review 2021: an overview and invitation to participate"
  • April 9    Kenny Bolster, USC, "Iron Cycling in Oxygen Minimum Zones"
  • April 16  Stephanie Harrington, UW CoE, "University Budgets 101"
  • April 23   Yibin Huang (NOAA PMEL) "Insights on the Biological Pump in the Northeast Pacific from Biogeochemical Profiling Float Observations"
  • April 30   Rick Keil & Kittie Tucker "School of Oceanography Budgets 101"
  • May 7     Brook Nunn, UW, "Protein Cycling in Marine waters"
  • May 14   Melinda Seevers, James Anderson & Liz Excell, UW CoE, "Advancement and Giving at UW and in the School of Oceanography"
  • May 21   Allison Myers-Pigg PNNL Sequim, "Nearshore Carbon Cycling in the Pacific Northwest"
  • May 28   Doug Russell, UNOLS, "An Introduction to UNOLS and the US Academic Research Fleet"
  • June 4     tentatively scheduled


The zoom link:  https://washington.zoom.us/j/93445114944

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