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Oceanography work-at-home spaces

Oceanography work-at-home spaces:

"It was challenging to find a workspace at home where I could be focused and productive, especially since my new officemate snores. I discovered last week that the laundry room is perfect! No distractions!"



Shelly's workspace - Naturally in a home with only one actual office, the one who REALLY does the office stuff at home gets it (not me), so I get the kitchen table, but it's bright, warm and I'm near the wine! Now we just have to alternate use of the posture seat cushion.


From Michelle T: "That’s young Bernie on the left and young Jack Sikma on the right.  Long story.  Used my extended dining room table for my desk.  We eat at the kitchen table when I can get everyone to sit down together."


"My name is Mattias and I am a postdoc at UW oceanography. Sharing my temporary workspace image - my kitchen counter, where the temptation of baking is ever present."


Megan Duffy's office is now on wheels.


A bedroom home office.


Check out Hunter's remote worksite!!


Rick's home office and a note from Rick:

"This is my reluctant home office.  I really like how it looks, but the office is bitter-sweet.  My basement "person cave" has always been a work-free zone, but with three people trying to work or study from here (me, Elizabeth and Laura) we had to expand our offices into our personal spaces.  Yes, the 1930's phone works and I can connect it to my cell phone.  The jukebox is from 1954 and plays records in mon, which is great for me!"

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