Pool Blog!

This morning, Jaqui proposed a brilliant idea- what if we put a swimming pool on deck? The days have been scorching hot, and the surrounding ocean has gotten a little too tempting to jump in… we might as well swim while we are around all this water. After bribing the marine techs, we proceeded to fill one of our fish totes with salty seawater, and left out a stepping stool for people to dive in. Right away, Eunie and Abbey put on their swimming suits and jumped right in! The water felt stunning with the warm, ocean breeze, and the pool became a fun pastime of the afternoon.

Later in the evening, Autumn and Isabel “partook in a sunset soak” (Baker 2023). With their combined wits, the two oceanographers utilized their knowledge of turbulent flow and created a miniature whirlpool. It was overall a fun experience, and the pool will continue to stay on deck for the next few days!

Of course, we have a scientific excuse for using this pool… the fish tote will serve as an additional incubator for Micheal, Connor, Sevrin, and Jassem’s projects. The incubators are a device which runs water around the collected samples to keep them at ambient temperatures. We currently have three incubators on board, but if there is not enough space for the samples, our pool will be conveniently transformed into a fourth incubator. We are personally hoping the three incubators will be enough!