Pressure Test Vessel


To schedule a pressure test, please contact Loren Tuttle (  The pressure vessel is quite busy, and tests are scheduled for most every day.  Please try to schedule your pressure test at least two weeks in advance.  Duration of a test will depend on the maximum test pressure and the test protocol - ie. how many test cycles to the max pressure, and the length of each hold time at the max pressure.

The pressure test vessel is located in room OSB 140 and OSB 30A. Access to the pressure vessel and controls are located in room 140. It is generally locked because it is a controlled work area. Only specifically trained personnel are allowed to operate the vessel. The vessel operates between 0 and 10,000 psig.

In general, the vessel is 24 inches in diameter and 8 feet in length, inside dimensions. It is hydraulically controlled. Items are placed inside the tank and a 3600 pound lid is secured to the top. Pressure is increased by pumping water into the vessel.

There are 3 levels of use for the vessel:

Level 1

0 - 3500 psig

These pressures can be attained any time without any complications.

Level 2

3500 - 6000 psig

These pressures require that warning be broadcast through the building indicating that the PTV is in use up to 6000 psig.


Level 3

6000 - 10000 psig

These pressures require a complete evacuation of the building except the PTV controllers. There are red flashing lights at the entrances, and the building is locked down. This obviously precludes normal work hours for utilization. Weekends or late night/early mornings will need to be coordinated with the building occupants to avoid scheduling high pressure PTV work when other occupants have scheduled other overnight work.