RV Crew Information

TGT Pump Training 2

See the pdf document for:

Welcome Aboard the R/V Thomas G Thompson!

As a new crewmember, it is your duty to familiarize yourself with the Safety and Security Briefing of University, UNOLS, and Ship Policies. You will also be asked to sign a form to acknowledge your agreement with those policies, including those dealing with:

  • Sexual Harassment, Personal Relationships and Other Harassment
  • Smoking
  • Drugs and Alcohol aboard research vessels
  • Personal and Environmental Safety

This is accomplished in two forms.  Both forms can be found on UW Safety Management System (SMS) page. 

1.  The vessel familiarization form is in Section 6.1 of the SMM, and will be provided to you upon arrival.  Your supervisor or the third mate will initial your form to acknowledge your proficiency. 

2.  Right below that is the "New Crew Information and Policy Acknowledge Form" which was sent to you to fill out before arriving. 

Also before reporting on board, please read "What you need to know before sailing on a UW vessel".   This is for both crew and science personnel.  If you are an experienced sailor, at least skim it, and pay particular attention to the required UNOLS RVSS, which is the University National Oceanographic Laboratories System, Research Vessl Safety Standards.   As mentioned in that posting, RVSS Chapter 1 is required reading at a bare minimum.  These safety standards apply on board TGT, and you need to be familar with them.