Reese Miller

Reese Miller!

Your name and pronouns: 

Reese Miller, she/her


Senior thesis title and a brief description:

Resolving the Thickness of Submarine Lava Flows in the North Arch Volcanic Field Using Magnetometry I used a device called a magnetometer to detect the magnetic anomalies produced by submarine lava flows, then used a modeling program to see if I could estimate how thick they were.


What is your most memorable undergraduate experience in the School of Oceanography?

The whole senior thesis trip! Hanging out in Hawaii was an amazing experience, especially while it was cold Seattle weather back home, and really gave me the chance to get to know the senior class better, which was nice considering most of us had only interacted online. Also, I'm not going to complain about getting a week in Hawaii. The cruise itself was a pretty exceptional experience to have as an undergraduate, even if it means getting up at 4 in the morning or just staying up until then because you can't sleep when you're being thrown around by waves. I can't think of many other programs where you would get this kind of opportunity.