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Romeo Balagot

Fiscal Specialist, Ocean Purchasing

I'm the Assistant in Ocean Purchasing.  I can help order (office supplies to capital equipment) and turn in non- travel reimbursements (Petty Cash).  See me for: Keys, Mail, Floor Printers, Capital Tagged Inventory, Packing Slips, Department Credit Card (ProCard), etc.

Ocean Purchasing is staffed by two people (Chanthavy and Romeo).  We can help order lab supplies to capital equipments. We handle non-travel  reimbursements, issue building keys, shipping, and risk management insurance.

Su Tipple

Admin Assistant

I'm the "first stop" if you don't know who to ask for something. I order supplies, handle phone issues, and do travel reimbursements for the School in general, as well as payroll and travel for the vessel crews.