Related Undergraduate Programs at UW

Oceanography has close ties to many other departments at the University of Washington, and our undergraduates have abundant opportunities for cross-discipinary work.

Double Majors

Because the B. S. in Oceangraphy already requires a broad foundation in physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics, and because of the flexibility in upper division basic science electives built into our degree plans, adding a second science degree is relatively straightforward, and is a path taken by many of our students.  For the same reasons, the B. S. in Oceanography can offer solid preparation for careers in science education, human or veterinary medicine, computer science, and many other non-marine fields.  Because the UW offers one of the few Oceanography degrees in the country, our students are easy to differentiate from other applicants to post-graduate studies.

Common double degrees and minors obtained by our students:

School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
Earth and Space Sciences
Environmental Studies

Applied Mathematics
Marine Biology
Climate Science
Arctic Studies