Sea Talk, 7 Feb

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Oceanography/APL Sea Talk
Looking out for your team in the field

1:15 P.M., 155 Ocean Teaching Building

If you have suggested scenarios to discuss, please email me ( or submit them to our anonymous WebQ (here), or via our webpage,

Also see our webpage for living documents on:
Sharing Experience of Oceanographic Research vessels (add your experience, or look for someone who knows the ship you are going on - 46 ships so far!)
- A Checksheet for Planning for Going to Sea (suggestions welcome)

What is SeaTalk? - a series of open group meetings held once per quarter, to build community among those going in the field/to sea, to get us talking about the tricky issues we can face in isolated places, and to brainstorm and learn from each other about skills in dealing with them. 

Who can come? - everyone.  Students, postdocs, researchers, professors, technicians, volunteers, support staff - everyone is welcome.  While our discussions may have a marine slant, all field-goers are invited, as the experiences we share are common whether on ships, in camps, or in other field research environments.

Where? - Oceanography’s Ocean Teaching Building, Rm 155  First floor, north end of building

Hope you can make it, 

The SeaTalk Team
Anna McLaskey, Ben Maurer, Brandi Murphy, Elizabeth Thompson, Hannah Dawson, Hannah Glover, Jim Thomson, Kyla Drushka, Max Showalter, Melissa Moulton, Peter Gaube, Rebecca Woodgate, Sarah Webster, Trina Litchendorf, Wendi Ruef, Zoli Szuts

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