Senior Thesis Symposium 2016

June 8th and 9th, OSB room 425 from 1pm to 5pm

Wednesday June 8th, OSB room 425

  • Carissa Gordon In Situ Assessment of Initial Seafloor Massive Sulfide Mining Operation in Papua New Guinea Using a Cabled Autonomous Underwater Vehicle System: A Proposition
  • Katrina Radach Behavior Analysis of Oithona in Hypoxic/Anoxic Conditions
  •  Lisa Hansen Macro and micro plastics in an urbanized and non-urbanized fjord estuary in the Northeast Pacific Ocean
  • Shon Purdy Sources and transport of surface sediment and metals in B.C. fjord, Tahsis and Zeballos Inlets
  • Erica Sampaga Linking surficial geomorphology with vertical structure in high and low energy marine environment
  • Jordan Omoto Alexandrium Cyst Abundance in Nootka Sound Aquaculture and Towns
  • Jesse Turner Variations of fin whale vocalizations in the northeast Pacific and the effects of environmental parameters on acoustic sensitivity
  • Daniel Keating Fetch-limited Wave Growth in Nootka Sound
  • Michael Bamonte Subsurface Oxygen Maximum Anomaly Found at Depth in Muchalat Inlet
  • Katharine Bigham Interpretation of the relationship between benthic fauna, geologic distributions, and methane seeps at Southern Hydrate Ridge, Oregon continental margin
  •  Ian Schlegel A comparison of Bacterial Community Diversity between Tahsis Inlet and the Open Ocean
  • Jessica Zannakis Variations in Seafloor Depth Estimates Under Different Swath-width Characteristics of Submarine Structures in the California Borderlands
  • Terryll Daguison Observed oxygen concentrations and a possible implication behind the Muchalat inlet subsurface oxygen maximum

Thursday June 9th OSB room 425

  • Zoe Martin A Comparison of Seabird Abundance in Three Inlets in Nootka Sound, British Columbia: Muchalat, Zeballos, & Tahsis
  • Eryn Strong Simulation and public communication of ocean response to changing sea ice concentration
  • Hannah Delapp Exploring the Spatial Variation of Tides for Seafloor Mapping Data Corrections
  • Genevieve Hinde Do upwelled waters from the California Undercurrent contribute to high pCO2 within the fjord system of Nootka Sound, BC?
  • Cory Baranski Zooplankton retention in a fjord basin, Nootka Sound, BC
  • Miya Pavlock McAuliffe The Ambient Soundscape of Inland Waters in Seattle, Washington: Bridge Traffic as a Source of Urban Underwater Noise Pollution?
  • Rachel Axtman A comparative study of three river systems leading into Nootka Sound, British Columbia: implications for winter salmon populations
  • Andrew McWhirter Environmental controls on zooplankton composition and distribution in Muchalat Inlet, Nootka Sound, B.C., Canada
  • Trevor Uptain Near-shore wave power characterized with a remotely controlled surface vehicle in Admiralty Inlet, Puget Sound, WA
  •  Lauren Kowalski Chronic shallow seawater circulation driven by subsurface gas dynamics, at the Southern Hydrate Ridge seep system, Cascadia
  • Daryn White Establishing fluxes of carbon dioxide and a transect of pCO2 during the late fall of a precipitation driven Northern fjord
  • Gabriel Reichenberger Mapping Whidbey Island andPossession Sound Landslide Susceptibility Using an Additive Linear Model
  • Christopher Archer Performance characterization and relative dispersion of drogued drifters deployed in the fjords of Nootka Sound
  • Kalloway Page Hydroaccoustic pinging as a diver tool for underwater navigation in surveying Puget Sound Eelgrass (Zostera marina) densities.