Senior Thesis Presentations 2019


The Senior Thesis Symposium, a series of short talks on the research of our graduating seniors, will take place during the afternoons of June 11 and June 12.  Faculty, students and the senior’s family members are all invited.

TUES 11 JUNE -- Start 1:30pm -- Ocean Sciences Building 425

1:35   EMILY HAMMERMEISTER: Identifying and Monitoring Water Quality Needs for Puget Sound’s Aquaculture Industry and Environmental Security through the Design and Use of a Prototype Sensor Suite

1:47   MADISON WILSON: LiEFi (Light-Energy Fish): Using Simple Mechanical Models to Simulate Climatic Changes in Fish Communities

1:59   BRIDGET OVALL: Density structure in the outflow region of Colvos Passage: Observational analysis and model comparison

2:11   JENNA BARRETT: An Assessment of Noise Pollution Propagated by WSDOT Ferries in the Puget Sound

2:23   MYRANDA DANG:  Dispersal of Fine Material from the Snohomish River into Possession Sound in Winter

2:35   MONIQUE BELL: The Effects of Sunken Automotives on Benthic Sediments

2:47   PATRICK OLD: Bridging the gap in oceanographic data science curriculum: prototyping experiential learning materials in Python


3:15   BING YU LEE:  Understanding the Long-term Tidal Modulation on Methane Bubble Emissions at Southern Hydrate Ridge using Acoustics

3:27   PARKER HAYNE: How Edge Effects in Eelgrass Habitats Impact Organism Abundance and Diversity in Puget Sound

3:39   ANNA SULC: Chlorophyll-a patterns during Magellanic penguin breeding at Punta Tombo

3:51   KELSY CAIN:  Using sequence analysis to identify the viral genes incorporated into the genome of Candidatus Pelagibacter sp. Strain NP1

4:03   JOSHUA LAI:  Assessing euphausiid homogeneity in Puget Sound scattering layers

4:15   RACHEL SCOTT: Analysis of covarying parameters with time throughout the upper water column in the Eastern North Pacific

WED 12 JUNE  -- Start 1:30pm -- Ocean Sciences Building 425

1:30   JESSICA MOATS: Vertical distribution of microplastics in Hood Canal and Main Basin, Puget Sound, Washington

1:42   ANDREW MANDOVI: Heavy metal contamination in Puget Sound and Lake Washington sediments and benthic invertebrates; a focus on the influence of road material on extent of metal concentration

1:54   ARI COLE PAPE-UPHOFF: Tsunami wave propagation throughout Puget Sound

2:06   ANGEL ALCARAZ: Annual changes in body-size of diapausing Calanus copepods within a north-to-south transect of Puget Sound

2:18   HITHAISHI PARSELLI: Impact of Databases on Oceanographic Citizen Science

2:30   DEANA CROUSER: Effects of low oxygen levels on copepod size distribution with depth in Hood Canal

2:42   SIGNE BERGMAN:  The distribution of bioavailable copper in Puget Sound surface water


3:10   CONNOR IZUMI: Ocean Acidification in the Arabian Gulf

3:22   JAMES SCUKAS: Heavy Metal Pollution in Puget Sound Marinas and Shipyards

3:34   LEROY MILLER: Annual Carbon Export at the North Pacific Axial Seamount

3:46   JACK SPRENG:  Expanded Development of Consumer-level Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Oceanographic Research

3:58   ALEXIS HARPER: Spatial and temporal ecological variations along the riparian buffer: winter and spring water quality variables as the basis for riparian buffer land management

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