Senior Thesis Symposium 3/5/2024

Tuesday, March 05, 09:00 AM to 11:00 AM PST


OSB 425

Zoom Meeting ID

938 0009 9303


9:00 AM – Caleb Flaim, “Development and validation of a DIY profiling float for indirect determination of salinity”

9:08 AM – Marley Kott, “Assessing black coral habitat in American Samoa”

9:16 AM – Kristine Prado-Casillas, “Determining the impact of silicate limitation on diatom mortality in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean”

9:24 AM – Nicole Reynolds, “Zooplankton diversity and community composition along 167°W in the equatorial Pacific”

9:32 AM – Zachary Levitan, “Morphology of submarine landslides on the flanks of the Manu’a Islands, American Samoa”

9:40 AM – Jenna Fernandez, “Variations in phytoplankton species diversity across latitudes in the equatorial Pacific Ocean”

9:48 AM – Aaron Small, “Quantitative analysis of fentanyl and other drugs in wastewater effluent and local environmental samples”

9:56 AM – Kayla Robertson, “Comparison of geostrophically-derived and ADCP current velocity in the upper 600 meters of the Equatorial Pacific”

10:04 AM – Jackson Page-Roth, “Pioreactors at sea: Assessing microbial community response to added dissolved inorganic nutrients”

10:12 AM – Max Daley, “A comparison of net primary productivity calculations using remote sensing and oxygen balance method in the equatorial Pacific”

10:20 AM – Isaac Olson, “Comparing microplastic distribution, type, and potential risk to zooplankton in the American Samoan coastal waters and the equatorial Pacific”

10:28 AM – Maddy Chriest, “Xenobiotic contaminants in the equatorial Pacific near American Samoa”

10:36 AM – Jessica Pineda, “Chemical drivers of picoplankton community dynamics in the equatorial Pacific”

10:44 AM – Xavier Giomi, “Fe(III) kinetic variability in different water masses across the equatorial Pacific”


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