Seven Quarter Course Plan

For students that transfer to UW (or just to the Ocean major) without a full basic science and math (aka "STEM") preparation, we suggest you consider a plan that allows you to complete the Ocean B. Sc. degree in two years + one extra Fall Quarter for a Senior Thesis Intensive course.  The sample plan shown below assumes, for example, that you have only taken a full year of introductory biology (along with all your other non-science general education requirements).  It does assume that you have taken an introductory oceanography course equivalent to Oceanography 200/201 - contact the Oceanography student advisor to discuss available options for the summer prior to your junior year, or during the Fall Early Start window.

YEAR 1 (Junior Year)

AUTUMN (15 credits) WINTER (15 credits) SPRING (15 credits)
Ocean 210 (4) Math 124 (5) Elective Basic Sci/Math (5)
Chem 120 (5) Phys 121 (5) Ocean 220 (3)
ESS 210 or 211 (5) Ocean 295 (5) Elective Upper Div Sci (5)
Ocean 100 (C/NC, 1 credit)    


YEAR 2 (Senior Year)

AUTUMN (15 credits) WINTER (15 credits) SPRING (15 credits)
Ocean 215 (4) Ocean 320 (5) Ocean 330 (5)
Ocean 285/286 (5) Ocean 351 (3) Elective Upper Div Sci (5)
Ocean 310 (5) Elective Upper Div Sci (4) Elective Upper Div Ocean (3)
Ocean 300 (C/NC, 1 credit) Elective Upper Div Ocean (3) Elective Upper Div Ocean (3)


YEAR 3 (Extra Fall Qtr)

Senior Thesis Intensive options for Fall:

Friday Harbor Labs Research Apprenticeships

Pelagic Ecosystem Function in the San Juan Archipelago

           Sea Semester

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