Sleeping in a gently rocking world

my bunk or yours

Surprisingly, getting a good night's rest has been pretty easy so far. At first, I had some doubts about getting a good night's rest on a rocking ship, but it feels like the gentle rocking has actually been helping with sleep. The beds, pillows and blankets have all been pretty comfortable.

The beds also have headlights, which have been pretty nice for nighttime reading. There are also curtains, which are nice for additional privacy. I normally sleep pretty late, but I've been sleeping pretty early because I have the morning shift, which starts at 6 AM. Some people have also been falling asleep outside on the back deck, which is pretty easy thanks to having plastic chairs available on the back deck. 

Beginning Friday morning we will be sampling non-stop between 5N and 5S across the equator.  When that happens we will not be sleeping much, but it is nice to know that when we hit the bunk, the lights go out so easily.