Undergraduate Student Experiences

Looking down at TGT TT

Students apply the knowledge they get from their Oceanography courses in a wide variety of research and experiential learning settings.  Explore related stories below to sample this range of experiences.

Student Interviews

Lauren Brandcamp, Oceanography alum interview

Frances Eshom-Arzadon, Historic Seaports of Western Europe

Terrence Leach, Evolutionary Relationships of Pseudonitzschia

Katie Bigham, Biologic Community at Southern Hydrate Ridge

Katrina Radach, West Coast Ocean Acidification Project

Florence van Tulder, Alumni interview

Jasper Boas, Alumni interview

Articles by Students

Student Cruise 2017, by Yashwant Meghare, Austin Tugade and Kevin Pszczola

A Reflection of Eris by Juliana Pesavento

The Journey to the Ocean by Teos Bisbee

Mud, Mangroves and Sea Level Rise by Rebekka Masoner-Gould

PolarTrec Reflections by George Roth

Depth Magazine

Articles about Students

Spring@Sea 2018, Ocean website article with link to cruise blog

UW Oceanography senior finds plastic microfibers are common on Puget Sound Beaches by Hannah Hickey

UW Students Help Install Cabled Deep-Sea Observatory by Hannah Hickey

Ocean Technology Course Ends with a Splash by Hannah Hickey

Undergraduates Use SONAR to Uncover Lake Union Shipwrecks by Hannah Hickey

Meet Lauren Brandkamp, Oceanography alum from the College of the Environment Insider Newsletter

Oceanography Undergrads Blog from Vancouver Island by Hannah Hickey

Seeing the Light at the Elwha Delta by Emily Eidam, Andrea Ogston and Ian Miller

UW Undergraduates Embark on Three-week Research Cruise off Japan by Hannah Hickey

UW Undergraduates Scrutinize Glacier Bay by Sandra Hines

A Senior Thesis at Sea: Oceanography Students do Research on Galapagos Islands by Sandra Hines