Student Seaglider Center

Seaglider in Puget Sound


Seagliders are autonomus underwater vehicles used in oceanography as a method of remotely collecting data on oceangraphic conditions. The Student Seaglider Center (SSC) is a student-run lab associated with the course Ocean 462 which provides hands-on experience with this ocean instrumentation and its scientific applications. With professional mentors, students work on technical testing of the Seagliders, dive planning and piloting, data analysis, grantwriting, and outreach. Students can be involved with the SSC ever quarter during the academic year.



Students participate by joining one of three teams: Science Team, Technical Team, and Business Team. The Science Team establishes the group's scientific goals, leads the piloting of Seagliders to accomplish those goals, and conducts analysis of the resulting data. The Technical Team maintains the Seagliders, conducts testing, ensures functionality, and prepares Seagliders for deployment. The Business Team engages in grantwriting and outreach, manages operations and oversees inventory, budgeting, and communications. Students from a variety of disciplines participate in the SSC including environmental sciences, engineering, and social sciences.  



SSC students successfully completed their first test dive in Puget Sound in May 2023! Dive information and data can be found here.

More information about the SSC can be found at the student-run website here.

The SSC has been funded by the UW Student Technology Fee


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