THOMAS G THOMPSON sails the South Pacific

Research vessel THOMAS G. THOMPSON, after stopping in Manta, Ecuador to pick up the science party in October, arrived in Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia, after 57 days at sea conducting 24X7 research.  The Chief Scientist was Jim Moffett, working closely with Chris German.  It was part of the GEOTRACES program. 

During the cruise, Chief Mate Kris Kopra kept morale high by recording a music video, which can be found at:

aka Geo Trace 2013 Cant touch this. 


In Papeete, the Moffett party, along with literally tons of scientific water samples and equipment departed.  UW professors and senior oceanography students embarked.  

TGT then departed January 10, 2014 on a science cruise lead my Matthew Alford. 

To follow his cruise, go to: 

Group site:
Blog link:

Here is an email from the Chief Scientist: 

"Hi Wavechasers followers,

We're back at sea in the South Pacific, and I'm keeping a blog again. This time we are looking at the details of the northward "seafloor river" through the Samoan Passage - an energetic flow 5 km beneath the surface that is relevant to the climate, sports 200-m-high (60-story) breaking waves and carries more water than 35 Amazon rivers!

Hope you are all doing great.


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