Test Tank

Take caution when working around the open tank.

Before booking a session on the calendar, please read the following:

Please protect the surface of the test tank. Do not drill, scrape, scratch, or severely load this coating or it will leak.  If you are lowering any test objects to the bottom of the tank, please make sure it will not damage the tank coating.  If the object is heavy or has sharp edges or protrusions, please use some type of padding, such as rubber mats, secured to the test object to protect the tank coating.

Do not contaminate the tank with chemicals or oil.

Please do not leave anything behind in the tank, including parts of cable ties.

To book a session for the test tank, go to the calendar and click on the desired day, if available. Enter your start and end times (morning or afternoon sessions only), then enter your name and purpose in the Calendar Text box and press the Submit button.


For more information contact Kirk O'Donnell (kirkod@uw.edu) or Aaron Morello (aaronm@uw.edu).


Tank dimensions are 24' x 10' x 13' LWH. It contains 23,283 gallons of filtered, but unheated, room temperature salt water (~33 PPT). Please see the attached file Test Tank Dimensions.


The tank is located in the OSB Assembly area, adjacent to the Staging area. The tank is in the NW corner below grade. Viewing from below is possible from 8 large windows accessible through the basement, room OSB 30.


The tank itself is covered by 9 large heavy lids that allow for forklift traffic across the top. Access to the tank is achieved by lifting off each lid with the 5 ton crane overhead. A specific bridle exclusively designed for this purpose hangs on the post SW of the tank. E. Each metal cover weighs 1150 pounds. They may be stacked up to 4 high, off to the side. Return the bridle to its storage location. Install safety cables around test tank opening if left open overnight. Reinstall the covers over the test tank in the proper numbered order when completed.

If you have not removed or replaced the lids before, or feel uncomfortable doing so, please contact Aaron or Kirk, and one of us will gladly do it for you.

Internal UW rate is $93/hr.

Non-UW user rate is $166/hr.