The Crepe Challenge

Crepes Ready to Eat!

The Crepe Challenge -- join us in making crepes and submit an image of your process and/or product to be considered for a fabulous prize.  Bonus points for creative toppings and fillings. Submit your images via Instagram ( tag @uwoceanography) or email (  

Use your favorite recipe, but here's one we like:

For inspiration, check out the pictures on the right of the crepes Anna B. and her housemates made. Favorite toppings included sweetened condensed milk and lemon, powdered sugar and lemon, and zuccinni with tahini and miso. 




We love Jaqui's family and her crepe flipping technique!


Katherine Ball made pumpkin crepes with Moroccan inspired chicken! And her process pic sooorrt of looks like Antarcica. Is that just me?


Yum! Amy went savory.


Kinda look like taquitos!


I wonder what that filling peeking out is!


Those looks berry yummy!


They have crepes all the way out there in Democrat Hollow? #solareclipse2024


Culinary skills


A cherry on top





Ooh savory for the adults and sweet for the kids! Good call.


Flip flop!


Not all heroes wear crepes (except Robert K, Ariel and Lily)


Banana Crepes, yum! (hunter)