The Journey to the Ocean

Experiencing ocean research first hand:

A Three Part Story

by Teos Bisbee, Senior 2014

This personal blog was written by Teos Bisbee. Teos is a remarkable young woman who at first seems so shy and timid. She came into our first class saying she was frightened of the whole prospect of the senior thesis. She sat in the chair to my right. She has chin-length, raven-black hair with horizontal dyed stripes of yellow. I asked her if it was OK if I called her The Tiger Lady of Oceanography. She laughed, relaxed and learned that doing science isn’t scary. It’s hard work and as we read her story of her before, during and after days of the Senior Cruise I hope you will recall the importance of that experience, of going to sea and working with your peer students and faculty as part of a unique short phase that made you dream about the wonders and worths of the ocean and of learning about ourselves.

Editor's note; Arthur Nowell, Dean Emeritus: I am one of the luckiest instructors as I got to share in the course with students like Teos.