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UW Oceanography Dock Directions

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Dock Access

From Land

  • Vehicular access to the dock is restricted 24/7
  • Contact the Oceanography Administration Office at (206) 543-5060 from 6:30 am to 3:00 pm Monday - Friday to enable access
  • Personal vehicles may not be parked on dock without prior approval from the Port Engineer
  • If you are expecting a delivery, you or a designated individual must be present to take delivery

Parking on the School of Oceanography Dock: The dock is a working area. There are times when it is necessary for people who are delivering/picking up equipment or working on equipment in the dock area to park on the dock. If you need to park on the dock for these purposes you are responsible for:

  1. Displaying a valid UW parking permit in your vehicle.
  2. Making sure that your vehicle does not interfere with other work activities - if an unattended vehicle is in the way of operations it may have to be towed. Check with the Port Engineer, or if he is not available, the Oceanography Admin Office during normal business hours.

Storage: All storage inquiries must be directed to the Port Engineer and need to be coordinated in advance. Ensure you consider this during your cruise planning. Long term storage is not available.

From Sea

  • The dock is located between the University Bridge and the Montlake Bridge on the ship canal in Portage Bay.
  • Vessels may be berthed only with prior approval from the Marine Operations Manager.


Port Captain updated 2015 Feb 24


UW Oceanography Dock Directions