UW Safety Managment System (SMS)

The University of Washington School of Oceanography follows the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) International Safety Management (ISM) Guidelines.

IMO ISM Code 2015

The Port Captain, in the UW School of Oceanography Marine Operations, oversees the Safety Management Manual.  The section numbers align with the ISM code section numbers.  It is divided into 4 pdf documents. 

Section 1: Introduction and overview
Section 2: Environmental, safety, harassment, and drug/alcohol policies
Section 3: Company, UW Oceanography responsibility
Section 4: Designated Person (DP), the shore side point of contact, responsibilities and contact information
Section 5: The Master's responsibility and authority
Section 6: Personnel and resources, ship familiarization

New Crew Information and Policy Acknowledgement Form

MTS Sexual Harassment Video (you must have your UW Net ID to see this)

Section 7: Ship Operations

Section 8: Emergency procedures

Section 9: Opportunities for improvement, accidents, near misses and non-conformities, casualty reports and safety meetings
Section 10: Maintenance
Section 11: Documentation
Section 12: Internal audits
Section 13: Validation, external audits

Documentation Schedule   Placeholder, not yet available on line.  

Other related publications: 

USCG MARPOL Annex V Guidelines 2013 Feb

Emergency Towing TGT 20120625

NTVRP, SOPEP and associated Annexes are not posted due to the copyright, the Port Captain maintains copies. 

Updated by Port Captain 2019 August 8