Undergraduate Alumni

Besides oceanography, our former students have found work in a wide range of fields

The Bachelor of Science in Oceanography requires a broad foundation in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.  Students learn to seek quantitative answers to questions, write in the scientific style, think critically, and leave the program with a variety of computational tools.  These and other aspects of the program make oceanography an excellent preparation for careers and post-graduate work in a wide variety of fields.

marine ecology
environmental engineering
high school & K-8 education
environmental outreach & public awareness
college & university education
forensic sciences
resource management
science journalism
molecular biology & biotechnology
consulting & environmental design
computer sciences
environmental law
water quality monitoring
medicine & human health
merchant marines
intertidal habitat restoration
aquaculture & sea farming
commericial diving
industrial chemistry

weather reporting

ocean mapping

design and build ocean instruments