Unlocking Secrets of the Ocean

Claire Knox - Unlocking the Secrets of the Ocean

Oceanography students are in the spotlight of UW web site

The students have spent two weeks or more working aboard the UW’s large research vessel, the Thomas G. Thompson, during an 83-day expedition. About 45 students, mostly undergraduates, are participating.

Most are taking the Ocean 411: Seagoing Research and Discovery course, which has them working with scientists, engineers – and a specialized robot called ROPOS that installs cables, power and communication hubs and instruments on the ocean floor as part of the observatory construction phase.

By the time the expedition wraps up, the team will have installed tethered robots that zoom up and down 9,000-foot-tall cables while measuring chemical and biological properties throughout the ocean depths. The team also has lain thousands of feet of extension cables and installed 150 instruments on the ocean floor and in the water off Oregon and Washington.

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